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Vanilla cake

Chocolate cake

Marble cake
Yellow and chocolate cake swirled together in the classic marbling  technique 
Chocolate chips 
 vanilla cake with bittersweet chocolate chips
 German Chocolate
 Carrot cake
 Orange Cake
 Almond Cake
 Lemon Cake
 Rum Cake
 White velvet cake
 Red velvet cake


 Cookies and cream
Cajeta quemada
Mexican Caramel made with goat milk
Cajeta envinada
Mexican caramel made with goat milk  and rum
Dulce de leche

Strawberry preserves
 Raspberry perserves
 Strawberry mousse
 Raspberry mousse
 Chocolate Mousse
 Orange mousse
 Lemon mousse
 Mango mousse
 Peach mousse
 Hot fudge
 We can add almost any flavor
 Cream cheese Buttercream 
 Kalhua cream
 Buttercream with kalhua
 Bavarian cream
 Seasonal fruit
 Strawberry, banana, pineapple
peach, mango

 Leches Cakes

Yellow cake with Coffee frosting filling,  dulce de leche and pecans 
Piña colada
Yellow cake with coconut frosting filling and pineapples
Yellow cake with Bavarian cream filling and  fruit


We can add almost any flavor and color
Chocolate Buttecream

Buttercream creamcheese 
 We can add almost any flavor and color
 White chocolate fondant
 Chocolate fondant
 Whipped cream

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